Russian Village

The Russian Village is one of the first abandoned leisure parks in Japan that I had seen pictures of. Paradoxically, it is also the one I visited the last. Being very popular, I knew it had been very vandalized: its hotels was set on fire and all the windows were smashed. I love the fact that haikyo are relatively pristine in term of ruins but this place seemed to be an exception.

It was built in 1993 in the Niigata Prefecture and they hired many Russians to make it more alive. In the park, they built a gigantic hotel, a replica of Suzdal Church, many shops and a circus.

I visited this place with an explorer who is probably the youngest one I know. Not afraid of much, except of the bears, Mimi-chan braves all the haikyo and takes beautiful photos. I love traveling with people with different eyes, it is like discovering the place with a different mindset. The park was really like a wreck, as I thought, but we had an aim : to find the mammoth. The sun was not that high in the sky anymore and the shadows were covering the area really quick. The mammoth was nowhere to be found and I wished I had look at one of the map on the ground at the entrance. But finally, in the rear-end of the park, we found our taxidermy mammoth. This is a photograph we had to come back home with.


– The mammoth
– The cathedral


  • 1993 – 2002

  • Helena

    why would someone just left this mammoth there?

  • épavart

    Le Mammouth, trop fort !!

  • Евгения Высоцкая

    Why was abandoned this park?

    • Like all the others in Japan I think… lack of interest, not enough visitors! This place is quite remote unfortunately.

  • Chris Ward

    Went there yesterday. Almost everything has been bulldozed or gutted except the cathedral and the hotel. A real shame. I went looking for the mammoth and stumbled across it in pieces lying among the weeds. I wasn’t sure what it was at first but then I found a foot to confirm it. A real shame there wasn’t more of the part left.

    • That’s a sad news, especially for the mammoth. So it seems they have just smashed it? 🙁 Can you share a few photos with us here? Would be good to see what you could see though. I wonder if they plan to keep the church. Thanks for sharing this info Chris!

      • Chris Ward

        I put a few pics up on a short blog here.

        I almost missed the mammoth completely eh. Because everything was torn down and there were no layout maps anywhere around I just was just wandering about when I came across a piece of what looked like furry sponge. Only when I saw the foot did I realise what it was. I didn’t see the tusks or head but it wasn’t until I got home and looked at pics online that I realised how big it had been. A real shame. I didn’t poke through the bulldozed stuff too closely as there was a lot of glass and wires poking out.

        • Thanks for sharing your link. Indeed, that’s a bit sad. I didn’t knew it was getting torn down, just a rumor. They are really trying to get rid of the haikyo nowadays…

  • Kelvin Thomas

    Thanks for sharing Jordy. Without your pics it would be another lost memory. Now at least it will live on.

    • Thank you! I am glad. This place cannot be forgotten now, and I also talk about it in my new book. By the way, I have always wondered, do you know my website Totoro Times too?


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