School of the Skeleton Teacher

The School of the Skeleton Teacher is located in Yamanashi Prefecture. I went three times, but for some reason, I wasn’t so enthusiastic about this school during that first visit. The second time, I brought three daughters with me: Naomi, Marin and Kaoru. They are Japanese but in reality they are all half (American / Japanese). They made me rediscover the school through a younger and more vibrant eyes. Just have a look at the photos 🙂

The school opened in 1872 but was totally destroyed by a fire in 1900. A new wooden building was then built in 1910. The school closed definitely in 1985 but somehow feel like it hasn’t been abandoned for such a long while.


  • 1872-1985

  • Puck

    I’d be enthusiastic about the school. The fact that it’s of 1910 vintage still gives you a feel of old Japan. Pity the original burnt down, 1872 – Tokyo Osaka Telegraph opened, Yokohama tokyo railroad opened, development of lght Industry, 1890 – Meiji constitution, 1896 – start of domestic film production,1904 – Russio – Japanese war. And the girls do bring the school back to life again. This school should be moved to the Meiji mura.

  • Audrey

    Looking At The Mannequin Freaks Me Out…!


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