Clinic of the Miners

In the middle of a dying town in Hokkaido, in the city of Yubari, this clinic has been already dead for a long time. Only the operation room is still in good state, the rest being either flooded or dilapidated. Is there still a presence there, then? We will never know. The scalpel stuck on the operation bed didn’t invite us to look any further.

  • hyakugen


    Is the clinic intended for the miners or located near at mining station?

    • I guess it was for anyone living in the area. But this town being mainly for miners and their families, I guess they were the main customers. The clinic closed after the mine shut down.

      • hyakugen

        So, the clinic was intended for miners and their families.

        By the way, is there has a room that inaccessible to enter?


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