Little Matsuo

Little Matsuo – M乃沢鉱山社宅 再訪 – is a tiny bunch of overgrown apartment buildings surrounded by rice fields.

Mine workers used to live there in the 50’s, 60’s. I don’t know if they enjoyed their work there but for sure their family did. The area is as lovely as those sweet anime depicting beautiful countryside scenes.


  • 1940s – 1960s


  • Paula Veronica Gonzalez

    I love your site. I never thought there was even a name for this kind of things, I always wanted to know the stories about misterious abandoned houses or cities near my home, but since it’s a crowded city, I don’t think it’s possible to break into the houses to spy what’s inside of them. There are a lot of interesting places in Argentina, I hope you can come and visit them some time. There are plenty abandoned towns and stations where the train used to stop ( There is a town that used to be a vacation place and flooded 20 years ago (Epecuen – but now there is no more water there and you can see the ruins. Furthermore, I live in a neighbourhood called Flores (Flowers), in Buenos Aires – Federal District. In the same block I live, there is a big abandoned house in the corner, it seemed it was an upper class house. A friend told me that she used to see a white piano there and even flamingos on the roof! But something weird happened (the owner was a pederast or something like that) and now is in ruins. I wish I knew more things about it or could take a look at it for a couple of minutes at least. In front of it, in an another house, a mummified corpse was found last year (an old woman that died 10 years ago!). So, as you can see, without going too far there are a lot of haikyo stories around.


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