The Lake Substation

The Lake Substation is an old power substation standing on the side of a lake. The interesting part is all about accessing the substation by boat which takes quite some amount of time. We then jumped inside the building, start searching for ways to go upstairs and to visit every room, while being careful not to fall in the water with all the camera gear. We all felt like kids playing in this haikyo!

It’s quite a nice and peaceful location that has a romantic touch to it, along with a beautiful weather, it makes the morning perfect.


– Boating
– Jumping around


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  • Harley

    In the picture where the guy is looking out the window, does the tide rise into that area? If not that would be an amazing camp site.

    • I think you can definitely use this place as a campsite, and it would be awesome, especially that you can probably the stars from this place during the night, surrounded by water, wow, awesome.

  • rluxv

    Where is this lake in japan?

    • I don’t share locations directly but it’s very easy to find, especially with the information in this article.

      • rluxv

        Ok thank you Jordy ! 🙂

  • épavart

    Extérieurement sans grand interet, l’eau amène la touche artistique et original en plus d’une certaine sérénité propre à la méditation.

    L’accès en barque à du etre le moment sympa de cette balade !


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