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Zed Clinic

The mysterious Clinic Z (Z医院) was discovered by a haikyo explorer in the 90’s. Then, it became completely forgotten. The hobby was not that big at that time, it was mostly only locals exploring the ruins of their neighborhood. In the 2000’s, the hobby became increasingly popular and even more thanks to the social networks. A few explorers also found a photo of the Clinic Z and looked for it and found it. My friend and I were also able to pinpoint its location but our first trip was a failure; we ended-up 200 kilometers away from its location! Our second trip was way more successful, luckily.

The Clinic Z is, as far as I know, the oldest abandoned clinic of Japan. It was a real delight to the eyes, especially with the buried golden sun and the white snow: it looked ancient, smelled ancient, felt ancient, the machines and tools inside were so old that it seemed like they could turn into dust upon a touch. The wooden buildings were originally very thoughtfully arranged. Inside, there was of course the doctor’s room but also an operating room, a scanner room, and many family rooms in which the doctor and his family spent their lovely time.

What stroke me the most was the doctor’s observation room. It was all wooden and beautiful, the colors were so soft to the eyes, it looked completely unreal. A perfect set for a movie. The operation room was the state of the art: at the time, there was no good lighting existing for conducting operations and so they were using a glass window at the roof to provide an even lighting of high quality.

The Zed Clinic deserved to be a museum but, apparently, the owner is planning to demolish it completely.


– Ancientness
– Operating room
– Doctor room
– The snow everywhere around


  • Secret
  • 1910 – 1980