Ikaho Hotel

This cat was waiting for me to visit the Ikaho Hotel (伊香保観光ホテル). I followed him and he actually revealed the entrance. Now much was there to be found in this haikyo but the usual: rooms, kitchen, floors to explore. But like the Maya Hotel, it has its own room full of light an colors. I spend most of my time in this room playing with the colors and the reflections.

  • Pascal

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks.

  • Alex R

    Hi Jordy,

    I’ve been following your stuff over the years. Lovely work!!!! I simply cannot get enough. Great job on the hotel. Some of the spaces almost feel like old staff could pick up work right where they left off.

    • Thanks a lot Alex 🙂 Not sure about this hotel, it’s pretty much devastated though. But there are many abandoned places that I could see re-opened after a day of work 🙂

  • Sharad Majumdar



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