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Tower of Skulls

The Tower of Skulls sits in a corner of the city, neglected and forgotten. The pyramid-looking structure is odd and well hidden in bushes of trees. It looks like it was not meant to be seen.

Getting inside wasn’t easy. We had to access the second floor using a structure made of planks and junks (Gakuranman might have built it – he also has an excellent and beautifully written article about this place here). The second floor was in pretty bad shape, mostly destroyed with objects (fridge, cupboards, TV sets…) trying to find their way down. Ceiling state was similar. The danger of everything’s collapsing was real. However, Masumi lead the way and I had to follow her, carefully.

There isn’t much to see in the Tower of Skulls but the the last floor had something truly amazing. Nicely sculpted skulls were aligned on an altar, surrounded by candles and writings. That was the place of some kind of worship! I can just imagine the feeling of creepiness from the locals looking at that pyramid at night, the flickering light of the candles casting dancing shadows all around it and, in the background, a mysterious and emotional chant.

But why do we assume that this place is actually abandoned? The strange owner might still be coming here. And sometimes, this pyramid might be back to its strange life for a little part of the night.